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Flowerida Preschool - No.1 Montessori & Play Schools in Velachery

When a Kid starts search of pen or marker, then it’s the first stage on the path to literacy. We can see some kids are interested in arts, some in animals , in playing games, and some interested in doing experiments. Flowerida Pre Schools is known as one of the best play school in Velachery, Chennai. We teach our kids in right way to develop their own individuality.We play an important role to promote your kids in all areas and we are certified in Child Psychology Development. Working parents worry about the safety and care off their children while they are at work. For those parents we are providing good day care for your infants.

Obviously we are the best day care in Velachery. The class rooms are filled with toys, game instruments,books etc. which helps your infants to explore their new ideas and discover more new things.The staffs who are working in Flowerida are encouraging your kid to participate in all the events.They are quite in nature and approach your infant like a second parent. Here the daily program for the kids slightly changes to know new concept. Of-course it is a complement for the children, not to sit in a same place, as they are free to roam inside the classtoom so that they are free to explore more. We have the ability to understand the mind of your infants and make them busy by doing different interesting activities.

We are believing that your infants are like seeds and they will grow like a mature tree in our play school. For that we need to import new ideas to them .We are the good pre school in Velachery and we navigate your child in good path. Here the teachers are recruited not only by their academic records but also by experience and skills.Your infants are safe and secured here.

Is it that your question is about the method of learning? It’s to your relief, we follow the Montessori method of teaching in our play school. We are proud to inform that we are one among the best Montessori schools in Velachery. We provide activity based learning to your child. It will help them in improving and developing their creativity and also it will encourage the growth of your child's mental ability. This Montessori method of learning will help your child to direct themselves towards their achievement without any pressure and depression.

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