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Welcome to Flowerida Preschool

FLOWERIDA is a Mother's heart, your childs Imaginary playmate just might be here... All you young mammies and cool paters, drop your child with FLOWERIDA...

Why choose us?

  • - Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff
  • - Creative Activities and Educational
  • - Digital Classroom(learning)
  • - CCTV Monitoring 24x7
  • - Indoor & Outdoor Play Area
  • - Nutritionist - Planned Healthy diet
  • - Transport Facility

Our Philosophy

Some things are always the same - the child, its simplicity, its joys, its memories and above all the parental desire to give the child all the best things one can. We, at Flowerida, receive these buds with love, bring them up with care and make sure they grow into beautiful flowers – spreading the fragrance of fun, happiness, good values and above all a cultured, upbringing.


  • To make every child feel the cosiness of its home, in its mother’s hug.
  • To ensure the first steps every child takes towards its education are its best steps.
  • To provide education that will make the little minds glow.
  • To ensure a harmonious, clean environment, where the children easily reach and cross their development milestones.
  • To foster individual, social and academic skills based on the Montessori method of learning.


Goals of our Program.

  • Holistic, healthy development.
  • Happy child hood.
  • Pre school / After School care as at home.
  • Integrated development to create an independent personality.

Montessori curriculum

Montessori education, has been acknowledged all over the world as a system of education that is completely child-centered. It facilitates the child’s development in a child-friendly environment. It is an environment tailor made to suit the child’s basic characteristics which include the urge to explore, experiment and learn. It is a system that takes into account the unique characteristics of children at different ages, and to the individual personalities of each child. It is believed that children trained in the Montessori method in the first stages of their life show better academic outcomes as they move up the academic ladder, entering regular school. So, enrolling your child in the Montessori curriculum at the first stage is the best decision you can possibly take towards creating a dynamic personality out of your child.

Our method of teaching

Flowerida Preschool is the best and safest place where you can happily leave your child. Our method of teaching is based on individual-centered activity based Montessori taking into account every child’s unique psychological learning path. A clean, healthy environment makes sure your child’s safety and health are never compromised. Since children are from different age groups, inter-personal and social skills and the ability to move and work in a group are also fine tuned. Our staff and support staff are carefully selected, based on, above everything else, love for children. Next to your own home, Flowerida Preschool is possibly the best place for your child to grow.

Admission Open for 2019 – 2020

Play group| Nursery | Jr. KG| Sr.KG | Day Care | After School

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